October 27 Announced The Audio Industry Ten Strong Degree Cup 2017 Ultimate Review Will Come To An End

- Oct 21, 2017 -

October 19, the safety Cup 2017 audio industry brand selection final evaluation will continue to be held in Guangzhou. Into the next day, broadcast the top 15 brands and accessories 15 brand one by one came to power.

This year's final review will be synchronized live, this is the first time in the selection process for the brand show live session, invite the top 100 projecters to watch the live broadcast to score, but also led to more spectators to watch and understand the review will ensure that the selection More transparent and fair and equitable.

In the live broadcast of the powerful spread, attracting a large number of audio-visual projects throughout the country, agents and distributors and other off-site audience to watch the ultimate review of the live, they will express the congratulations and attention to the review, For their favorite brand message support.

Security Cup 2017 audio and video industry 15 brands all the way through, through the first two rounds of "online voting + line business name real name vote" fierce competition, into the most stringent top 10 brand battle.

In 5 minutes, companies need to focus on the introduction of the company's characteristics and core strengths, expert jury and the top 100 engineering firms jury also submitted by the company's information and on-site preaching scoring.

This year the ultimate jury is composed of well-known experts and 2017 top 100 engineering firms. The jury has made a final review of the top 15 brands from the comprehensive strength, brand product and service quality, brand market awareness, brand effect and so on. And scoring, expert scoring and top 100 project scoring each 50%, the top 10 scores of the enterprise will be finalists in the final ten brands, top ten brand list will be officially announced on October 27.

Specific scoring criteria are as follows:

  1. Brand effect accounted for 20%:

    Including annual income, tax and so on

  2. Brand market awareness accounted for 30%:

    Including the number of patents, provincial or national honor certification, whether it is a national high-tech enterprises, industry qualification certification

  3. Brand product application results accounted for 30%:

    Refers to the application of the project and the project difficulty score

  4. Subjective evaluation share 20%:

    According to the judges on the understanding of the enterprise scoring

    In the industry many experts, business and engineering business support to participate in, in 2017 Anqing Cup HC audio industry brand selection activities, it is a new high. Since the start of August 1, received 1000 times the enterprise registration, the first set of top 100 engineering business awards, from the sea election to 30, to 30 into the top 15, two rounds of the total number of online voting exceeded 4.5 million votes, Line to vote, including the industry many experts and teachers, more than 20 manufacturers and more than 1,000 exhibitors involved, the maximum coverage of the industry upstream and downstream. Each brand event can be a new thinking and ideas lead the industry to grow, with more voice to establish a new industry rules to help enterprises establish a brand, with influence to change the future of the industry.

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