Pearl River Lighting Ingenuity Lights Boao Starry Sky Provides New Visual Imagery

- Apr 14, 2018 -

Pearl River Lighting Ingenuity Lights Boao Starry Sky Provides New Visual Imagery

From April 8th to April 11th, the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2018 was held in Boao, Hainan. The theme of 

this year's annual conference was “The world of open and innovative Asian prosperity and development”, bringing 

together many national dignitaries, experts and scholars, and elites from political and business fields. .


As the main visual lighting participant in the lighting show for this year's event, Pearl River Lighting uses its 

new visual imagery to illuminate the scene with the power of its own technology and presents a gift for the forum.

The Pearl River Light used hundreds of smart 480 (BEAM) waterproof versions (PR-2469) on the Boao Forum, combining 

the light show project with the Boao story as its theme, including the charm of the South China Sea, Boao 

mythology, maritime silk road, and new development. With four chapters, Zhujiang Lighting has completed the full-

sensory immersive shock experience with the characteristics of stable quality, complete functions, high-brightness 

output, and rich color effects, which perfectly fulfilled the lighting performance to bring the viewers together in 



Zhujiang Lighting's smart 480 (BEAM) waterproof version of the lamp undoubtedly enriches the presentation of this 

light show, complete the audience's fantasy night full of expectations.

Smart 480 (BEAM) waterproof version has IP65 protection rating, is a high-efficiency all-weather beam light, 

outdoor beam projection distance can reach 1 km or more, can be widely used in major landscape lighting projects.

Different from the past, the Boao Forum for Asia’s light show has surpassed any previous new experience. The live 

light show has used the Asian Forum special planning area shoreline, sea area and sandstone natural resources to 

add fountains, visual images, stage lighting and many other new features. The visual experience allows viewers to 

leave an unprecedented impact on the soul and vision. To become a new platform for the exchange of Asian forums and 

world culture and art, and a new business card for the "Belt and Road" main platform of the Boao Forum for Asia in 

Hainan Province

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