Stage Lighting Special

- Sep 22, 2017 -

June 27th , Independent Innovation Summit Forum stage lighting special, National level lighting design Xing Xin, Pearl River lighting president Liang Zhiyuan, Ou Ma lighting general manager Zhao Xianghua, Tianhong electronic Xia Ying on the same stage to explore the "stage lighting industry in the new situation challenges and opportunities." Audio and video network editor-in-chief Chunxiao presided over.


Stage lighting industry rapid development and problems coexist.


Chunxiao: sound and light these two areas have some different, but I think the whole is concerned, the light of this one, these years of change is particularly large, such as LED on our entire industry development is also great. Xing Xin teacher on the LED industry has some of their own views, would like to ask you to do with you to share.


Xing Xin: LED is one of the new technology, more representative. I think no matter what it is, it is also a tool, as the user is of course the more smoothly the tool, the richer the better. The more rich artistic performance is of course a good thing, in the case of good things, good art good application of time, artistic expression and artistic thinking, but also easy to be a bit too strict, the color can be changed at any time, the scene may feel which is appropriate to use, The rigor of artistic conception, all kinds of technology have this problem. New technology development, as the application, there is a clear understanding, to be controllable. Technology is for the arts, but the times are changing, the aesthetic is also changing, not to say that pure technology for the art of service, and some technology to their own technology to represent the art. In the past a long time technology is relatively slow development process, but just a few decades, the control system Ye Hao, the lighting effect Ye Hao, the control of the light source of the whole development by leaps and bounds, so the technology itself comes with art, which is We new features and new things in this era. Technology to do it later, itself is the art, visual color, the image of these can be controlled, including a variety of lamps, such as concerts often used to follow the light, itself is technology. Art and technology boundaries are increasingly blurred, do not simply consider the technology, in fact, when considering the technology has been integrated into the art.


Chunxiao: the relationship between technology and art has changed, in addition to this level, as well as the needs of the market is certainly changing, summer also participated in a lot of large projects, in the process of participating in your feelings?


Xia Ying: I as a representative of the project to participate in this meeting, I walked for many years, very hard, and now works very bad to do. These five years we entered another industry, so far we have participated in many large-scale party, and now in China's TV industry is more vigorous, not affected by the government. We are involved in many projects like Hunan Satellite TV, Jiangsu TV, Yunnan TV program, there are many large-scale activities, the budget is very high, in the process, I think do light, "serious" word is very important, the Chinese light and foreign Very small, seriously the word is that we must work hard, of course, now is also very difficult Competition is very intense, probably as just said, the same microphone I sold 1000 you sell 100, to the current project counterparts a reminder, price competition is a start, far from the end.

Chunxiao: now is the era of low profit, profits are getting thin, the competition is fierce, you use the "hard" such words to describe, in such a situation, you also said that you are trying to cross the border to do the original do not engage in Of the field, I also think of recent years, there have been many accidents, but also with the market price of a relationship?


Xia Ying: I do the project is the most concerned about is safe, a project Cong start to the end, safety refers to many aspects, the light is not the same as the sound, the light involved in high altitude, I made a creative concert in Guangzhou, when the sky hanging 1300 lights, very dangerous. Through that concert I found the security looked very simple, when the experience will feel horrible. Song as many teachers talk about the same, the microphone problems, we all see. The light may be 100 not everyone can not feel, but a drop down, people may be gone.


Chunxiao: This topic is also worth pondering, really need to pay attention. We are now at all levels of the standard Ye Hao, the standard Ye Hao, even from the administrative level Ye Hao, these aspects are worthy of improvement. Another aspect, for the production of enterprises, just mentioned a lot of low-cost competition, and now the market environment, our business can not from the management or process, which aspects of the market to make more action?


Zhao Xianghua: that more prices, manufacturers are also very sad, and now low bid is one of our most heartache, so that manufacturers reduce the cost to meet the market. I personally feel that there is a solution, many experts here after you let the evaluation of the time, with the heart that if you take the lowest bid, I refused to go.


Xing Xin: I commented on a standard, there is a price lower than half of the other home, and finally I commented 0.5 points, I would like to comment 0 points.


Zhao Xianghua: Xing Xing teacher for the behavior of praise As manufacturers, product homogeneity lead to lower prices, we now say that independent innovation, the state is not enough to protect the patent, if a patent infringement occurred in a very serious foreign, or even in jail. But we need from the various aspects of law enforcement and energy consumption can not afford, at the government level should consider this point.


If we do not go our own way, do not find their own point is difficult to develop, intellectual property is very important, independent innovation can survive, as far as I know, our industry, including Huadu District, the publicity of intellectual property rights every month There will be, we will send staff to participate. We hope that we will pay more attention to intellectual property rights.


The Influence and Application of New Light Source New Technology.


Chunxiao: innovation in this level to gather more power to promote, and now the international community has also introduced a number of new light source of new technology, the introduction of domestic enterprises and how concerned about the situation? New light source of new technology will become a new wave of lighting business?


Liang Zhiyuan: lighting is a composite technology, and now the development of light technology to promote the development of stage lighting, such as LED, six or seven years ago do LED lighting do not, and now basically covered the lighting. I think the LED is in the process of substitution, not the process, not completely replace the original light source, because the original light source to extend the life cycle of innovation. Traditional light source technology, can no longer have a breakthrough, involving the light source of enterprise technology development, and now the light source in addition to LED light source there are many good light source, LED in some products is very good, may prove that some projects are flawed, and now Engage in laser lighting, LED light source and the development of traditional light sources, to promote the development of our industry, with these light sources, our product innovation has a new element. Now there are a lot of light, how to meet the different markets through innovation, to meet different markets, in the new light source applications, we have the best time to market.


Chunxiao: Speaking of this piece of technology, when the LED industry has formed a very big change, Xing Xin teacher, and now there is such a new light source, from your point of view, you think it has a great impact on the future of artistic creation Or is it just a gimmick now?


Xing Xin: certainly not a gimmick, technology development has its needs, LED lights not only rich in the performance of the world, the stage of the whole society is the progress of mankind, from lighting it is also the core, saving a lot of energy, control, color Almost close to invisible changes. Any technology out, I am afraid there is no end, perhaps a few years later there is a new light source instead of the LED. But as artistic creation, to some extent, the concept of art and the overall performance of art thinking is changing with each passing day, no matter what process you are, to better inspire the principle of artistic innovation will not change. The value of aesthetics is good, the standard is also good, the social development of the customary aesthetic system architecture, not because of a technology after the subversion of human basic aesthetic value, it may be to some extent a gimmick.


Light product update iteration too fast is profit or innovation?


Xiao: Now the market launch 230W, 330W, 380W, etc., product update iteration is very large, for the summer total, the product update iteration is a kind of help or a troubled?


Xia Ying: I think there is a product of the replacement of good and very bad, like you said 230,330 this has been to go, we sell things to sell, the next wave of things when to do not know. From a user's point of view, we welcome new things out. We use a very large number of products, 200,300,400 so use. As a television program, the requirements of the lighting is not very high, it may be 400 on it. Some effect lights, from the performance point of view can be, manufacturers may continue to launch new things, which is a direction.


Xing Xin: do have a breakdown of the market, the pace of technological innovation update does not mean that the arts to follow quickly, that is, just talk about the aesthetics is constant. The emergence of LED before the era, I am afraid that optical technology are not much change, but these decades have emerged a lot of great stage role, and did not say that because the technology is not much development, stage aesthetics did not develop.


Chunxiao: We do the media often see the engineering business feedback is the case, from the sound above can make money, from the light above the money. In the process of updating the iteration, it may be because of the new equipment, in the process of introduction, because the product replacement problem, resulting in the process due to the introduction of the product, less than a year and new, I have to deal with, have this phenomenon?


Xia Ying: certainly there. Like 230 may be introduced three years ago, and now may not have, and my products on the slow and so bad

Song more (to make the scene to add): Speaking of the concept of upgrading, China and the international there are many different, our industry is a high return period of short-term projects, a year later is to be replaced, where to replace? Go to the second line to the three lines. Subdivision which must be divided into professional, professional what is it? For example, he is a film and television recordings, professional performance is a level, mobile performance is a level, so the light production of products, must be linked with the community. We are now a lot of performances, with mobile phone recording video, the actor station is bright, the other place is black. This is now the problem of domestic lighting, enterprises to solve these problems, I know that I bought the lights a year or a year and a half of the proportion of light failure, and then to the cycle out of the second line. This kind of virtuous circle of the system, in fact, to promote the production of enterprises, must be a steady stream of production, because the concept of light failure, unlike the sound, light failure is obvious, light failure this thing can cheat the naked eye, but can not deceive the camera The We produce, sell, lease, use these links, is not all follow this link to do? This is a lot to learn. We are doing sound, we are now facing the biggest problem is that 40 lights on the stage need to have a fan cooling, but for the sound, the natural enemy is the sound of the fan. I just went to Shandong TV to do the show, all the epic, the stage with a lot of wireless microphone, is poetry recitation. Hundreds of people recite, the first day the enemy is the fan. See the light, hope that there must be more use of quiet fan, the wind is not enough time to add the wind, so that the environment can enter the cool air. Do not you think of the way water is cold? High-voltage transformer with water-cooled air-cooled, the same we can not choose this way?


How to do light after-sales service?


Chunxiao: Song more teachers from the user point of view to the enterprise to mention, HC network many users feedback to us, the light of this batch may be in the product quality and service is the most complaints. Now from the enterprise, in terms of management, what can be better to avoid such a problem?


Liang Zhiyuan: For our company, the service is part of the service is very important. There may be technical problems, environmental problems, intricate. Their own users of the basic management of equipment maintenance, but also very important, before we regularly to the customer service, we have a system specifically do. Computer direct docking quality inspection departments, lighting is concerned, after-sales service is critical.


Zhao Xianghua: now regardless of our home or their own business customers to engage in regular training, equipment in the hands of customers, a simple question he can initially determine the solution is the fastest and most effective way, so we have to customers on the promotion of new products, Training.


Song more: all the lighting manufacturers, as long as sales, must be mandatory to add a condition, that is, must obey the cycle, the use of more than 5 years of lighting equipment units, must be leasing. After the use of the first thing must be dust, the light itself is the most necessary heat, all the dust on the light is also damaged, if the formation of a qualitative requirement, such as a week must be in addition to a dust. Your own home inside the bed under the first week is not much dust, there are fans inside the lamp, how could there be no dust. Not we have to do a real error, the most important thing is the use of dust in the process of the problem, the northern region is very large gray, so it should shorten the cycle of dust. So it should be bundled with dust.


Liang Zhiyuan: This may also face a real problem: large-scale mobile performance of the company, the original light sector, the use of high frequency. It may be difficult to use this way to service.


Song more: with a bundle to solve the problem of complaints, my product design is no problem, but you use is not in place is your responsibility.


Zhao Xianghua: When signing the contract must sign this one. Car repair and maintenance are hard targets, cars can be so, we can do so light.


Chunxiao: Thank you Song many teachers to give us a lot of maneuvers on the proposal. Then there is a very worthy look forward to the new subversive products debut, the Summit Forum to the end of this link, very grateful to the guests on the stage.

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