The 27th Korea International Light And Sound Show In 2018 KOBA2018 Welcomes You To Join

- May 07, 2018 -

The 27th Korea International Light and Sound Show in 2018 KOBA2018 welcomes you to join


Date of exhibition: May 15, 2018 May 18th, 2018

Holding period: one year

Venue: Seoul International Exhibition Center (COEX), Korea

Exhibition History: 27th

Organizer: Korea E & Ex Inc.

Organization: Beijing Zhong Ling International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Exhibition scale: 950 exhibiting companies from 35 countries with a total area of 28,000 square meters and more than 50,000 professional visitors (more than 1200 other international buyers)

Industry attributes

Photography Film Broadcast Television

Exhibition introduction:

The KOBA exhibition was held for the first time in 1991 by the Korea Broadcasting Technology Federation and the Korean government, in order to improve the development and cultural exchange of the domestic broadcast video, audio and lighting industry at that time. The 25th KOBA has been successfully held so far. The 26th Korea International Broadcasting & Sound Equipment Exhibition (KOBA 2015) 2016 with the theme of "Broadcasting and Opening the Future" was grandly held at the COEX Pavilion in Seoul from May 24th to 27th. Held. As Korea's only professional exhibition, KOBA is jointly organized by Korea Eandex and Korea Federation of Broadcasting Technology People, and is organized by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Broadcasting and Communications Commission, Seoul Special City, KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS, Korea Image Industry Association, Korea Acoustical Society, Korean Association of Acoustic Artists, Korean Institute of Electronic Communications and other related agencies and organizations and broadcasters jointly support.

2015 is the 25th international radio, audio and lighting equipment exhibition and technology exchange event. KOBA has developed into a world-class exhibition of broadcasting, audio, stage and lighting equipment. This exhibition attracted 42,459 professional buyers and visitors to participate in the KOBA exhibition. 893 companies from 33 countries demonstrated cutting-edge audiovisual products such as UHD, 4K, and LED, while LED display products hit record highs in terms of volume. Chinese exhibitors such as Liad Bright, Zip Optoelectronics, Victron, Haoyang Electronics, Enping Aobao, and Enping Xingda were all on display at the show.

KOBA aims to bring together excellent broadcast, video, audio, and lighting related equipment from around the world to showcase and present new opportunities for cutting-edge opportunities in the concept broadcast, imaging industry, audio, and lighting industries, as well as responding to dramatic changes. The competitiveness is still the only professional exhibition in Korea.

market background

South Korea is particularly special in all kinds of markets in Asia. While the market for tour concerts and hotel fixed installations and commercial broadcasting products are booming, the market characteristics of Korea are not reflected in these traditional professional audio fields we are familiar with, but are reflected in religious places such as churches. Installation facility area. In this small country, Christianity is a big buyer for audio manufacturers. Koreans’ respect and enthusiasm for religion is probably only comparable to that of the United States. Therefore, in such areas, it is more necessary to adapt to a unique trade exhibition.

Range of exhibition:

1) Professional audio equipment: professional audio equipment, karaoke, mixers, microphones, box racks, and accessories.

2) professional audio and recording equipment: microphones and accessories, recording and tuning equipment, mixing tables and box racks, accessories and so on.

3) professional stage lighting effects equipment: stage lighting equipment, professional laser lighting equipment, stage technology and Truss system integrated audio-visual system, laser technology and effects.

4) Multimedia technology: computer software and hardware, building and interior sound system, projection and presentation, video technology, etc.

5) LED displays, monitors and screens, interactive smart whiteboards, audio equipment, digital signage systems, multi-touch displays, audio-visual integration systems, audio equipment, building and interior sound systems, recording and editing equipment, studio technology , audio and public conference system accessories; design and installation, laser technology and effects; multi-party collaboration conference equipment, entertainment technology, projection equipment and technology, command and control systems, information processing and management systems, security and automation systems, etc.

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