The Gods Dance! TAIT To Build Days GaGa World Tour Stage

- Oct 27, 2017 -

The gods dance! TAIT to build days GaGa world tour stage


Speaking of LADY GAGA Perhaps we are no stranger, in addition to its excellent singing, magic stage wind, the most people are concerned about the numerous fancy dress, you can say, quack sister led the fashion trend (a matter of opinion) But today Xiaobian for everyone to share is not just its stage clothing, but its recent concert stage design!


LADY GAGA in the SUPER BOWL (Super Bowl) wonderful performance at home and abroad after the applause, in the 24 hours after the end of the show, accustomed to high-intensity pace of life LADY GAGA non-stop announced in August will launch a new personal tour "JOANNE WORLD TOUR " Concert name from his sixth album, the track will also be the main album. The concert is not only fascinated by all kinds of fancy dress, nor is it faded to return to self-retro performance, but compared with the days after the unparalleled stage design.


Created by TAIT Lady GaGa JONANE world tour concert on the unexpected aesthetics, occupy the entire region of the stage perfect presentation of the stage effect so that fans can not own, tongue-tied.

The entire stage layout consists of a vibrant, tense main stage, three flyback platforms with dual projection displays, two deputy stage and an LED integrated stage. Stunning 85 feet wide main stage, the stage not only has the scenery props and stage equipment, three automatic lift. There are five more equipped with LED video board wave lift. Throughout the performance process, the lift created the stage complex, dazzling effect.


Three of the wave lifts were 17 feet wide and placed side by side on the stage. Parallel to the rear wave lift are two 50-foot wave lifts. At the same time, all the wave lifts are converted to five different structures like a huge lift: parallel, raised, crossed, diagonal and stepped. Relative to the two large wave lifts, the stage behind the wave lift can also be independent movement, composed of four different sports effects: parallel, elevated, ladder and meandering.


At first, Lady GaGa's stage looks like a normal static platform. Suddenly the two roses bloom, forming two additional stages. Followed by the stage into the madness mode: ladder, diagonal and a bridge for the sky and prepare for the place. When the bridge is not used as a walkway, it serves as a stage for video surveillance and suspension of color pods.


At the top of the audience above 60 feet, it is designed and manufactured by TAIT for three inflatable lighting pods and video projection displays. When the billboard display mode is not enabled, each video projection display drops below 50 feet below the lighting pod. Converted to a 50-foot fly bridge platform, through this clever design so that Lady GaGa and dancers can go from the main stage cat to the deputy stage, and stage end of the LED integrated stage.


In addition, in combination with the LED to create a colorful stage of the beauty of the neon, Tate custom designed jagged, heart-shaped, laser piano, equipped with 44 lasers, piano shell is a 1.25-inch acrylic plastic, played by LADY GAGA Each note sends a comfortable beam. In addition, polygonal and polycarbonate films magnify the gorgeous laser show. It is showing the thrilling stage effect.



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