US GrandMA2 Dmx Console

- Jun 17, 2018 -

US GrandMA2 dmx console 

1. ASUS motherboard, Intel Core i3 6100 CPU, 4G RAM, SSD Kingston 120g Gigabyte GTX1030 alone.

2. one 9-inch touch screen

3. Two 15.4 inch electric lift widescreen touch screen

4. Display window fixed mouse can not be dragged

5. Supports physical buttons to close the window to run other lighting software

6. 9-inch screen X1-X20 User1 User2 button LED support and program synchronization lights

External HDMI monitor 1

8. Input voltage: 110V~220V 50~60Hz, built-in high-power UPS uninterruptible power supply

9. Built-in 6 DMX512 output interfaces, 1 DMX-512 input interface, maximum expansion 256DMX output.

10.No need for NPU, Artnet expander, perfect output 256 fields

11. A highly sensitive trackball

12. Built-in keyboard drawer

13. One LTC time code input interface, one MIDI time code input interface.

14. 1 master dimming wheel, 4 attribute encoder wheels, 1 master fader, 2 AB faders

15. 15 program playback faders, 30 program memory function keys

16. 4 USB ports, 1 audio port, 1 network port, 2 working lamp ports



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